Oak Glen Creek Erosion Control Project No. 380

Oak Glen creek erosion control project

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Oak Glen Creek, located within the City of Fridley, flows into the Mississippi River upstream of Minneapolis and St. Paul drinking water intakes and was in desperate need of stabilization repairs when Blackstone Contractors was contracted in 2013 to stabilize and restore 1,400 linear feet of the ravine.

Twenty-one private landowner properties about this section of the ravine and after decades of unabated erosion, the eroded, soil-exposed streambanks topped 40-feet in height. Blackstone worked with limited access to stabilize the ravine with measures including rock cross vanes, vegetated riprap, brush bundles, cedar revetments and live staking. The majority of the ravine’s hard armoring was completed over the winter of 2013-2014, while the bioengineering and vegetation techniques were installed the following Spring. Prairie Restorations installed and maintained the native and non-native vegetation for two-years following installation.