Crow River Emergency Streambank Protection

Delano, MN

Earthen wall reinforcement system
Green wall streambank stabilization system

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The bank of the South Fork of the Crow River near Lake Rebecca Park Reserve in Delano, MN had collapsed between Rebecca Park Road/County Road 50 and the water’s edge due to soil instability and steep side slopes exacerbated by heavy rains. To quickly address the sediment discharge and bank instability, Blackstone Contractors was contracted in 2012 by Earthwork Technologies to install an earthen wall reinforcement system to stabilize this area of the river.

The earthen wall reinforcement system was built to an average height of 24-feet with geo-grid 40-feet behind the wall; completion took approximately 3-1/2 weeks. The “green” wall system (upper right) provides needed streambank stabilization to reduce erosion while maintaining visual continuity with the river’s surrounding vegetated context.