Trenton And Enders Dams Concrete Repairs

Pick-Sloan Missouri River Basin, Nebraska

Dam floodgates
Construction worker sitting on edge of dam

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The Trenton and Enders Dams, in southwestern Nebraska, were in need of various repairs to the earthen dike and bridge decking, beams, piers and drains. Enders Dam, which is 134-feet tall and Trenton Dam at 144-feet tall, were built between 1947-1951 and 1949-1953, respectively. The Enders and Swanson Lake Reservoirs created once the dams were complete function as a location for recreational activities, irrigation use and flood control.

In 2011, Aspen Construction contracted Blackstone Contractors to perform the structural concrete repairs to the Trenton and Enders Dams bridge piers and beam structures. Various isolated locations of concrete repair were identified and repaired meeting Federal standards for materials and testing. For worker and public safety, vehicular traffic over the dams was rerouted during construction.