Douglas Drive Landscaping and Signage

Champlin, MN

Commercial signage
City of Champlin sign on masonry gateway

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Douglas Drive (CSAH 14) between Douglas Court North and West River Road (CSAH 12) was a streetscape improvement project within the City of Champlin. Street, traffic and utility improvements including roadway reconstruction, under separate contract, was initiated in 2010 but work was done concurrently with Blackstone’s streetscape improvement project.

In 2011, Blackstone Contractors was contracted to make intersection and streetscape improvements which included masonry gateway signage with LED lighting for the City of Champlin and adjacent businesses, limestone veneer monument pillars, parking lot screening including ornamental fencing and bollards, limestone retaining walls, integrally-colored and stamped concrete walks, street tree, roundabout, infiltration basin and gateway planting features and landscape irrigation.