Beacon Bluff Stormwater Demonstration Area

Beacon Bluff, St. Paul, MN

Custom stonework walkway in landscaped area
Stone walkway

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The Beacon Bluff Redevelopment Stormwater Demonstration Area, located in St Paul, Minnesota near Phalen Boulevard and Forest Street North, is a public stormwater reuse education and demonstration area. In 2012, Rachel Contracting contracted Blackstone Contractors to construct the site improvements which included site grading, innovative stormwater facilities and signage to support stormwater treatment and infiltration understanding, public art installations, ornamental railings, seatwalls, pervious pavers, custom stonework, landscaping, irrigation and lighting. The stormwater system employs pervious pavers, two infiltration basins, a series of stone channels which convey stormwater throughout the site, and a 1700-gallon in-ground rainwater collection system which stores stormwater for planting irrigation reuse.