Brownie Lake Trail Improvements

Minneapolis, MN

Two excavators moving pedestrian bridge
Pedestrian bridge and excavator

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Brownie Lake is located south of I-394 along Cedar Lake Parkway in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 2013, Blackstone began construction to reconstruct and widen a portion of the Grand Rounds bike trail that runs along Brownie Lake Park and Cedar Lake Parkway as well as improve access to the lake for park and trail users. To complete a trail loop around the lake on Park Board property, Blackstone installed a pedestrian bridge over the channel that connects Cedar Lake and Brownie Lake. Due to access and space constraints, Blackstone used two excavators, rather than a crane, to move and set the prefabricated bridge sections in-place. Other improvements included installation of custom fabricated trail safety railing to match existing bridge railings, site grading to improve cross-country and walking trails and minimize erosion, installation of boulder retaining walls replacing deteriorated wood walls, expansion of the sand beach canoe access, and installation of parkway LED lighting fixtures.